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Customs Brokerage Agency

The link that prevents supply chain disruption

Customs Brokerage Agency | Grupo MIMPO

We offer our Customs Brokerage Agency services in the most important customs offices within the country and abroad. We are customs brokers; therefore the integration of the supply chain services is not interrupted at entry customs.

Here at Grupo MIMPO we offer services in which we perform the formalities and obligatory actions before customs authorities to determine the correct classification of goods, in addition to determining the documentary requirements and permits to must be covered and all the taxes and duties on foreign trade.

  • Correct tariff classification of the goods, code established according to the General Import and Export Taxes Law of Mexico.
  • Determination of tariff and non-tariff requirements: permits, NOMs.
  • Calculation of taxes on Foreign Trade
  • Determination of the Customs Regime to which the goods will be destined.
  • Revision of Goods when at customs
  • Processing at Ventanilla Única (VUCEM) and COVEs (Anticipated Reception of Information Module).
  • Elaboration of the Customs Entry Summary (Pedimento Aduanal) and its timely payment.